Guardian Fairy - Fairies Incense

79 kr
Burn this traditional incense to create an inviting aroma. This particular one has been created with the Fairy of Creativity in mind. It comes in pretty packaging and is the finest hand rolled incense, made using traditional methods unchanged in 400 years.

Fairies fly between the Human Reality and the Otherworld as vibrant energy. This energy can manifest itself in different forms and ways. Fairies themselves appreciate scents and colours as a way to be recognized by humans. These incenses, created from the purest, raw materials and made with natural essential oils, capture the essence of these gentle beings… and capture their curiosity, tempting them to come into our world.

Guardian Fairy - This fairy has the power to protect humans from danger. Her magic sword cuts not through flesh, but through falsehood and ignorance. She wards off Evil and will help at times of change, when strength and courage are needed most. Call upon her in moments of crisis or when you fear physical danger.

Sticks per Packet: 10

Length: About 23cm (9 inches)

Burn Time Per Stick: About 45-60 minutes

Made From: Essential Oils, Honey, Coconut, Shell Powder, Plant Resin and Vegtable Oils

Country of Origin: Made in Italy

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