Secrets Of Space Clearing - Denise Linn

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On the Back of the Book
Learn mystical methods for clearing and uplifting the energy in your home!

Space clearing is the art of cleansing and harmonizing the energy within an environment. This ancient practice has the power not only to make your home feel good, but also help those within to feel more positive and energetic, to bring balance to relationships and to remove blocks for increased abundance, creativity and wellbeing.

In this comprehensive guide to space clearing, internationally bestselling author Denise Linn distills more than 50 years of experience as a leading authority in energy healing to guide you through sacred ceremonies and modern techniques for regaining control of the energy in any environment, including your home and your body. You’ll learn how to transform any space using feng shui, clutter clearing, prayer crystals, essential oils, mystic mudras, holy water, pendulums and more!

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