Anxiety & Depression - Crystal Kit

250 kr

Our Anxiety & Depression Crystal Kit is infused with high vibrational tumblestones that will offer you support and healing whenever you need it.

Featuring the best crystals for anxiety, these beautiful healing crystals have a range of potent properties, from their ability to calm an overactive mind to cleansing and restoring alignment to the body.

Soak up the powerful energies in this healing crystal set by holding the anxiety crystals during meditations and daily affirmations, placing them around your home or workspace, or keeping them close while you go about your day.

Included in each crystal kit are five ethically-sourced healing crystals along with a handy Spirit Jewel pouch and crystal kit guide explaining: - How to use your crystal kit - How to cleanse your healing crystals - Detailed explanation of crystal meanings - Daily positive affirmations to use with your crystals

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