Secret Yoga Club - Gabrielle Hales

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On the Back of the Book
An Introduction and Immersion into the Modern-Day Practice of Yoga

Yoga is an intimate, alchemical process in which you discover your own physical and emotional landscape. Yoga is how you sing yourself back to life. It's in the moments that you witness the sublime wisdom of the body. It's when you find the ocean in your breath, the stillness in your mind and experience yourself an the force of life.

Yoga offers a way to release tension, find and play with energy, intimacy, rage and love, and when needed - to rest and restore.

In Secret Yoga Club, Gabrielle Hales introduces the yoga practices and rituals that she has found healing, life-affirming and liberating over years of teaching yoga and hosting suppoer clubs, events and retreats.

Information: 224 pages, (Hardback)

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