Nybegynnerguide med krystaller

Nybegynnerguide med krystaller

Ny med bruk av krystaller? Her er en liten nybegynnerguide for bruk av krystaller. Mange som ikke har brukt krystaller tidligere vet ikke helt hvo...

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Divine Intuition Oracle - BelindaGrace

Divine Intuition Oracle - BelindaGrace

299 kr

On the Back
Have you ever felt something you can’t explain, or the urge to do something even when your rational mind says the opposite?

With warmth and expertise, BelindaGrace gives you the confidence to recognize, interpret and trust your natural wisdom to enrich your life and experiences.

Packed with practical applications and insight, these cards will help you unlock your intuitive potential by teaching you to recognise signs and give you the inspiration and support to let it bloom.

The Divine Intuition Oracle is an indispensable companion for anyone who’d like to develop their intuition and learn to trust it.

Pack Information: 36 Cards & 128 Page Guidebook

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Aromatherapy Set of 5 Pulse Point Roll Ons

Aromatherapy Set of 5 Pulse Point Roll Ons

399 kr

A collection of five of our bestselling Pulse Points Roll-Ons packaged in an attractive pull-out box. The 10 ml roll-ons provide the perfect aromatherapy pick-me-up whether you’re out and about, or busy at home.

Each blend brings its own magic: more restful sleep, a sense of calm, and energy injection, or some creative inspiration (please see individual product pages for information about ingredients).

Our roll-ons are packed with nutrient-rich and easily absorbed jojoba and almond oils that are highly nourishing and moisturising to the skin without leaving residue.


Ground yourself

Spotted agate

Spotted agate

120 kr

Nydelig prikkete agat stein.

Denne steinen styrker jording (grounding), er oppmuntrende og er kjent for å bedre hukommelse.

Bruk den gjerne i meditasjon når du føler deg ute av balanse og du trenger klarhet.

Opprinnelse: India