Beauteafy tea full moon

250 kr

An uplifting blend of gunpowder green, white peony and butterfly pea flower that brews a gorgeous deep blue green cup of tea. Add some lemon and watch it turn purple.


Caffeine Content: moderate



All teas are loose leaf and can be rebrewed at least twice.


Directions for hot tea: pour 8-12 oz of fresh, boiling filtered water over 1-2 tsp. (one heaping spoonful) of tea. Steep 4-5 minutes.

Stir, strain and enjoy!


Directions for Iced tea: combine 8 cups cold spring water and 6-8 Tbsp. loose tea in a pitcher. Cover and refrigerate 15-36 hours until desired strength. Strain loose tea. Add fresh mint if desired.

Stir, strain and enjoy!


Ingredients: organic gunpowder green, organic white peony tea, organic butterfly pea flower.

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