Frankincense røkelse

79 kr

It reminds us of everything good about the summer and lights up our world. We're sure you'll feel the same... A bright, exuberant, gentle spirited frankincense made from the purest Omani oils available.

Delicate citric headnotes blend into deep, silken coniferous base notes.


Product Specifications:

Our handcrafted pure incense sticks are traditionally prepared using only the purest ingredients provided by nature.

Each stick weighs just over 1 gram, is around 20cm long and will burn for approximately 40 - 45 mins. There are 10 sticks per selection.

SE Bullet Pure Omani Frankincense Oil
SE Bullet Ethically Produced in India
SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet No Synthetic Ingredients
SE Bullet No Chemicals 


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