Radical Tarot

333 kr

Evolve, deconstruct and create with Radical Tarot, using the historical and common meanings of the tarot cards as a launchpad for digging into limiting beliefs and societal conditioning and unlocking the personal truths beneath.

The archetypes are re-imagined in modern, progressive and queered contexts: the Empress and the body positivity movement, Justice – not in the legal sense – but as ethical discernment and transformative justice, Temperance and transcending the gender binary, the Devil and anti-capitalism, the Tower and revolution. The Fool’s Journey is re-envisioned as a journey to non-binary thinking, the gender essentialism is ousted from the Major Arcana and the Court Cards are reframed through a non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist and intersectional lens.

Radical Tarot also touches on Charlie’s personal story of how tarot helped them embrace their queerness, leave their marriage and radically change their life. Their experience will help others on their own journey of queer awakening, and anyone who wishes to be closer to their own authentic selves.

With chapters on ethics, appropriation, developing intuition and over a dozen tarot spreads, Radical Tarot is an essential guide to reading tarot for personal and collective revolution.

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