Rød mosekvarts

750 kr

Sølvsmykke med rød mosekvarts. 

Håndlaget av Kallen & Co som holder til i Trondheim.

Kallen and Co. is much more than a fashion jewelry brand. Here, we believe in the power of words and the importance of surrounding yourself with good vibes. Our jewelry pieces are inspired by the magic of nature, creatures, and more importantly, the power of independent women. Each one of us has a refined and elegant side combined with a free and adventurous one. 

While creating our pieces, we put our hearts and minds to design something unique and worthy of the owner. We create jewelry pieces that accompany you and guard your mind and spirit in times of need.

Choosing Kallen and Co. means you are choosing quality. Each one of our metals and gemstones are personally selected.

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