Self-esteem and confidence kit

250 kr

Our Self Esteem & Confidence Crystal Kit radiates positive vibes!
The gentle and uplifting healing stones in this healing crystal set will cleanse and release any blockages around low self esteem and self worth issues.

We’ve chosen crystals for confidence such as inspiring Citrine and revitalising Sunstone, which help to increase energy flow through the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, leaving you feeling empowered and more authentically you.

Keep your healing crystals close during spiritual practices, times of self doubt and to encourage success!

Included in each crystal kit are five ethically-sourced healing crystals along with a handy Spirit Jewel pouch and crystal kit guide explaining: - How to use your crystal kit - How to cleanse your healing crystals - Detailed explanation of crystal meanings - Daily positive affirmations to use with your crystals

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