Seremoniell kakao 500gr

649 kr

About this product

Our 500gram Ceremonial Cacao is from indigenous Maya tribes, where cacao is still considered a sacred plant for healing & nourishing our body, mind and soul. These special cacao beans are naturally and natively grown on their sacred land for thousands of years, in perfect harmony together with pineapple, vanilla and tobacco trees.
The indigenous Maya familie cacao farmers harvest their cacao with deep respect for “La Madre Tierra”, supporting organic and sustainable farming throughout their community. This native variety of cacao truly flourishes in biodiversity making this premium cacao activated with the spirit of Ixcacao.

A true sustainable ethical premium Ceremonial Cacao block, to be shared with your own community passing on the love from Bean to Cup 100% pure, organic certified, honest, premium Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the highest quality.

About Herbal Cacao

Herbal Cacao is a women's owned start-up founded by Sharon Fernie, that is created with a passion to spread the healing powers of plant medicine [ceremonial cacao, medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs] Sharon supports the indigenous Maya tribes and works together with them to bring their special cacao into the world.

This premium and high vibrational Cacao is 100% pure, certified organic and ceremonial grade, straight from the ancient Maya lands, Belize. All ingredients used contain an extremely high nutritional value and are of the highest quality from what mother nature can provide us, sourced from all corners of the world, each telling their own story and,- if not wild harvested, organically grown, with its spirit still alive! Sharon's mission is to let the world experience the powerful effects of these sacred plants by combining the nutritional and spiritual world. To support you on your conscious healthy lifestyle and on your spiritual journey. "I truly want you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!" Herbal Cacao only collaborates with sustainable companies with a dedication to the environment, the purity of their ingredients and goes beyond Fair-Trade,-Transparent trade ,supporting, organic, agro-forestry and indigenous tribes around the world. Ensuring a positive effect throughout the supply chain.

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