The Mercury Retrograde Book - Yasmin Boland And Kim Farnell

269 kr
The Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland & Kim Farnell

Information: 185 pages, hardback

About the Book
Chronic confusion, missing information and bizarre misunderstandings with anyone and everyone - has Mercury retrograde been playing havoc with your life? What if you could turn that chaos to your advantage?

As the planet of communication, Mercury can cause a lot of upset when it goes retrograde, but instead of running for cover, it's possible to get creative with the commotion.

The Mercury Retrograde Book offers up practical tools and definitive interpretations to help you to just that. Learn how to use this time of second thoughts and second chances to: 

RENEW current commitments before taking on new ones
REVIEW decisions that need some second thoughts
REVAMP anything and everything
RESEARCH your next best step in life
RETRIEVE items that have been buried under a mountain of clutter
RECONNECT with friends and relatives
RESOLVE conflicts and tensions so that you can make a fresh start

Mark the dates in your diary and channel the shift in your favour.

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