The red journal - track your cycle

279 kr

This practical, supportive self-care journal will help you track your menstrual cycle over 13 moons, reconnect with your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and create a bloody brilliant life!

The act of regularly charting and tracking your menstrual cycle is a major power move in understanding why you think, act and feel the way you do. With pages devoted to each day and phase of your cycle,
The Red Journal will help you to map patterns in how you feel and how you show up to each day. As you begin to use this journal to chart your cycle, you'll start to notice these patterns emerging and will gain a deeper understanding of what's actually going on in your body.

With this beautifully designed journal, you'll learn to:

- track and chart your menstrual cycle
- know what your hormones are doing and decode each phase of your cycle
- notice and make sense of your physical period experience ('light flow today')
and emotional responses ('it's a trackies + pjs day')
- understand how the rhythms of nature affect your own flow and feelings
- connect to your cycle intuitively and holistically

You'll find information and guidance, diary pages, thoughtful questions to answer and sections to personalize and express how you have felt. Find out how you can get to know your flow, sync your cycle and unlock your monthly superpowers!

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