Your body and The stars

299 kr

A fun, informative, and insightful handbook that takes you on a celestial journey to holistic wellness by unlocking the connection between your zodiac sign and your health.

Most of us suffer from mental or physical ailments of one kind or another.
Your Body and the Stars is a complete reference guide of the twelve zodiac signs and their relationship to healing specific body regions. By following the information in this book, you can identify your birth or sun sign to aid in the healing of various maladies including neck pain, back pain, stomach issues, and more, or work backwards by learning what regions of the body each sign represents. Each chapter integrates a self-directed program and holistic approach to optimal health whether it be both your physical, emotional, or mental well-being. Practical end-of-chapter tips, questions, and illustrated step-by-step exercises are individualized by astrological sign and include a mix of yoga, Pilates, and stretching and strengthening movements for all wishing to improve their health and become more active.

Your Body and the Stars brings together a medically trained, holistic physician, Dr. Stephanie Marango, and a talented astrologist, Rebecca Gordon, whose horoscopes have appeared in Elle and on Combining their individual expertise to bring the twelve zodiac signs to physical life, Your Body and the Stars provides a lifelong guide that can both prevent and self-heal, illuminating your head-to-toe healing connection to the cosmos.

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